Marketing collateral, in simple terms, is the collection of material that tells your clients and leads who your company is and what it does. There are endless types of digital marketing collateral, and deciding where to focus business efforts and resources on what to produce and how to distribute it can be a challenge. Ignoring the need for quality marketing collateral in the B2B world, though, can mean that your company is not reaching the audience that can most benefit from your products and services. What’s the solution? Partner with an experienced firm that can serve your marketing collateral design needs with materials that align with your branding and level of expertise.

Types of Marketing Collateral

In general, marketing collateral is a set of different media types that are created and distributed with the intent of improving your sales. For B2B companies, the types of collateral are best distinguished by the point in the sales funnel at which the chosen piece can be most effective. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most effective types of marketing collateral for B2B companies:

Company Profile

Your company profile is what introduces your business to the greater world. It includes the story of your brand, how your company came into existence, the reason why it is relevant (and remains relevant, in the case of long-established, multi-generational companies), and information on company founders, along with those individuals who occupy key leadership positions. The goal of the company profile is to clearly define your brand while communicating to the reader all of the reasons why your company is one to be trusted, along with how your business relationships inspire the loyalty of long-term customers.

Company Logo

Though most established businesses already have a company logo, the logo must be a high-quality, easy-to-recognize design that introduces your business to the world and is thought of in tandem with the particular product or service being sold. If your company logo is dated and tired or utilizes a color scheme that is highly associated with a particular past decade, this can impact the view of your brand as a modern company that can evolve with the times. Any marketing agency that your company chooses to partner with to increase revenue should have a multi-faceted approach that includes experts in design who can re-tool your logo if it is deemed necessary.

Social Media Posts

Any posts that are pushed through to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like are your primary digital marketing collateral. A recent study indicated that 73% of millennial workers that are involved in decisions to purchase products or services for their companies report using social media to assist them in the buying journey. Even more impactful is the report that up to 84% of C-suite executives and VPs make the same claim. Any comprehensive marketing strategy will utilize a combination of the most popular platforms and a curated assortment of content that will grab the attention of highly desirable clients and prompt additional engagement by encouraging a visit to your B2B company website. 

Best practices for each social media platform vary widely. The content that makes for ideal posts on LinkedIn is often not optimal for posting on Facebook or Instagram. Your B2B company needs a marketing strategy partner that understands these differences along with how to leverage the strengths of each platform to drive engagement with your brand and traffic to your website.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

It’s a well-known fact that the greatest recommendation for any company is a happy customer. Marketing collateral that underscores these successes is valuable enough that it should be a prominent factor in your B2B marketing strategy. 

Client reviews should be prominently displayed on your company website, pushed in various forms to your assorted social media accounts, and utilized in print marketing materials whenever possible. Reviews that are left by former and current clients on outside websites, especially on your B2B company’s Google page, play a major role in the decision-making of the B2B purchaser. 

Conversely, negative reviews and start ratings can do insurmountable damage to your brand and reputation online. It is for this reason that a digital marketing agency like GoingClear employs experts in reputation management that can minimize or offset the impact of errant negative feedback. Partnering with reputation management professionals is often the most effective way to combat the negative repercussions of such online activity.

Newsletters, Flyers, Brochures, and Printed Materials

While it’s true that digital marketing collateral is the subject of heavy focus in the B2B space, physical marketing collateral, especially printed materials, should not be neglected when designing a marketing strategy for your B2B company. Though the onset of COVID and move towards remote options for trade shows and networking events have led to an even greater need for electronic materials, B2B purchasers and decision-makers report being influenced by bold, eye-catching designs on everything from posters (which can also be shared digitally after being designed) to business cards. 

If your B2B company chooses to use these tried-and-true forms of marketing collateral, they should not be designed as an afterthought. That’s why GoingClear offers a digital marketing strategy that encompasses physical collateral as a complement to the high-quality digital collateral the agency can design and manage to grow your business.

Considerations For A Marketing Collateral Design Agency

The first step in choosing an agency to assist in creating your marketing collateral is to find a team with a proven record of driving growth, increasing conversions, and positively impacting revenue. GoingClear accomplishes this by becoming synced with your brand’s mission and goals from the very first meeting.

After a clear vision is established in our partnerships, we develop and build results-driven solutions that will make a difference for your B2B company. Our quality assurance and testing are impeccable, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure that our goals and messaging remain tightly aligned.

Implementing GoingClear solutions for your marketing needs has an end result of growth. We have a full spectrum of digital marketing, inbound, and advertising tactics that deliver at the highest level. Our success is measured through clear reporting and analysis with a focus on optimizing continued campaigns and moving your B2B company to the next level. 

Connect with a GoingClear expert today to begin crafting a marketing strategy that will revitalize your business for 2022!