Even if you don’t follow every twist and turn in the digital marketing world, you’ve probably heard the advice to add an SSL certificate to your business website. And, whether you realize it or not, you use SSL connections all the time.

However, we’ve learned that a lot of our clients aren’t necessarily familiar with the various terms and underlying ideas around SSL. So today, we want to explain what it is and why it’s such an important upgrade for your business website…

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL connections basically make websites more secure. Because they encrypt and authenticate data exchanges between the server where your site is stored and a user’s computer, they are virtually impossible for hackers to snoop in on.

Traditionally, banks and ecommerce retailers used SSL connections to ensure financial transactions would be safe. However, more and more small businesses are using these connections lately, too. That’s partly because cyber security is getting to be a bigger concern than ever before. However, it’s also because Google shows a clear preference for websites with SSL capability. In other words, you’ll get more search traffic by adding this feature to your website whether you sell products and services online or not.

You can easily tell sites with SSL from those that don’t have it by the way they display in your browser. A secure website will be shown with an “https:” indicator. That stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, and indicates it safe to share or transmit information back-and-forth.

The Benefits of Going Secure

There are a few reasons you probably want SSL functionality for your business website. For one thing, it’s always a good idea to do whatever you can to stay in Google’s good graces. Search engine optimization is such an important part of promoting any business that it’s a no-brain or to make the upgrade.

Marketing concerns aside, SSL certificates make every customer interaction safer. That’s good for your reputation, and can help you avoid expensive or embarrassing problems later. You never want a buyer’s financial information or contact details to be compromised because you weren’t as careful as you could be.

And finally, browsers have started displaying colors and icons that mark websites as “safe” or “not safe.” Having SSL connections puts you in the right category and makes potential customers feel more at-ease working with your company.

How to Add SSL Connections to Your Website

We saved the best for last. If you want to add SSL connectivity to your website and make every interaction more secure, it couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Simply let the GoingClear development team know, and we can put you on a low-cost plan that will take less from your budget than an office lunch. Then, with an hour or two of work we will have you set up and running.

Given that it’s so easy and affordable to add an SSL certificate to your business website, why would you ever go without one? Call or email our team today so we can add this valuable and cost-effective feature for you right away!