8 Benefits of Utilizing Social Media Marketing

March 14, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

Out of all the different platforms and channels there are to market on, social media seems to be taking the lead in today’s day and age. It’s a popular trend to take advantage of and our Boston social media marketing agency can certainly help your company or business take the lead on any social channel. 

1.) Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods. You can greatly increase your brand awareness while reaching one of the most broad audiences there is to reach on the web. With millions of users scrolling their social media channels daily, GoingClear Interactive wants to take advantage of the reach to bring in more prospects that our client didn’t even know they could obtain. 

2.) Great Conversion Rates

With the way social media algorithms are set up, we are able to grip more conversions or leads compared to other, more traditional marketing strategies. Every time you post an image, video, or comment on your social media profile or account, it may lead users to your company’s website, which in turn increases your site traffic. Social media marketing also allows your company or business to give a positive impression through a humanization factor. When a social media business account or profile is interactive by sharing content, commenting, and posting statuses on its feed, it personifies a brand. More people actually prefer to do business with other people compared to working with a company; social media gives you that benefit of the doubt.

3.) Brand Loyalty

One of the most important aspects for any business is making sure you obtain brand loyalty. You may think that social media is limited to just brand awareness and promoting your products or services, but in reality your customers or prospects can use social media as a way to communicate directly with you and your business. 

4.) Marketplace Insights

Social media platforms are also one of the best places to gain marketplace insights. Not only are you able to see what else your customer-base profiles are interested in, but they leave valuable feedback throughout your content and posts as well. Social media channels also allow you to segment by demographics so you can analyze those statistics, too. You can’t get these insights through any other type of digital marketing efforts, which is why this is one of the most important benefits of social media.  

5.) Better Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever commented on a business Facebook post or Instagram post and gotten a response back? Does it make you feel valued as a single customer compared to the hundreds or thousands they might have? Social media marketing is unlike any other digital marketing strategy or technique. Through every social media channel, you are able to communicate back to your customers in real time. This leads customers to stay happy and satisfied with you as a brand, as well as showing prospects how much you value your customer base.

The interaction rate throughout social media channels is one of the highest there is with a digital marketing strategy solely because of how dynamic these platforms are. You wouldn’t be able to have a live conversation with a customer or prospect through an inbound marketing strategy, or even an SEM (search engine marketing) strategy. Customers appreciate knowing that there is someone real chatting them back on the other side of your social media profile or account. 

6.) Immediate Results

Unlike other forms of marketing, such as inbound marketing or an SEO strategy, social media marketing sees almost immediate results compared to such. Within each platform, you can track metrics that are usually updated quite frequently. Here, you’ll be able to gauge just how many people you are showing up too and what the exact reach is. Impressions are slightly different from reach in social media, whereas reach is a unique number of impressions you’ve received on your advertisements overtime. You can also track leads, sales, or any other metric that might bring value to your brand.

7.) Cost Efficient 

Some forms of traditional marketing can be costly, whereas social media marketing can cost a fraction of the amount of those. Of course set up and management fees come into play, but it is still a lower percentage of spend compared to any other type of marketing you might want to utilize.

Let’s take inbound marketing, for example. Social media is just a small portion included within an inbound marketing strategy, but how effective is it really that it’s only getting a little attention within such a big strategy? If you would rather focus more energy and time on social media, then ditching a big inbound marketing strategy might be your best bet. Social media marketing delivers results fast for a fraction of the price.

8.) Building Backlinks

One benefit that is greatly overlooked when it comes to social media marketing is how there is actually a correlation between social media and an SEO presence. When you post on your social media in accordance to your social media marketing strategy, all those shares, click-throughs, and other engagements actually help your website’s backlinks. Major search engines, such as Google, pick up on this positive digital interaction.  Every social media platform has such a huge audience that all that traffic can actually be beneficial for your business’s or company’s digital presence. 

In the end, don’t overlook social media as just a content distribution channel. It’s much more than that and can help grow your brand in digital ways you never even considered, such as building your backlinks. 

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