5 Things You Should Know About Social Media Marketing Costs

March 01, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

Although you can certainly do social media marketing on your own, there’s a few things you should know about it regarding cost that might help you along the way. A social media marketing agency might be the way to go if you have a busy or demanding work schedule to begin with. 

1.) Outsourcing

Depending on what type of business you own or work for, how big or small it is, and the amount of budget you have to spend, outsourcing might be the best way to go. Although it might be hard to outsource to a team of social media experts or social media marketing agency for a small company, it’s still an affordable option you might overlook. The only thing is finding the right agency. And here we are! 

At GoingClear Interactive, a local social media marketing agency in Boston, we offer affordable options for the smallest businesses in town. We also offer packages that are made for more complex and larger companies or organizations that need a lot more social media attention.

To sum it up, outsourcing your social media strategy is usually the best option if you don’t have the time or skills to put towards a new or existing social media marketing plan. You might not realize that an affordable outsourcing option is right in front of you. 

2.) Post Frequency

Depending on how often you like to post on your social media channels, social media marketing costs can be relatively low in this department. At GoingClear Interactive, we offer three packages that have different amounts of monthly posting options. Although these number of posts should be more than enough, we also offer additional posts for a small flat fee. 

3.) Amount of Channels You Use

Depending on how many channels you want to utilize, that can also raise the price of your monthly budget. Some smaller businesses, companies, or brands, only use one or two social media channels compared to much larger organizations that take advantage of every social media platform there is. 

When you partner with GoingClear Interactive, we offer different social media marketing packages, ranging from small to large depending on your business’s size. If you need more than one channel, we have a package for that. But if you want to reduce your monthly spend when you work with our agency, we also offer a flat monthly fee that allows you to tack on additional social media channels. 

4.) Custom Strategies

If you or your business doesn’t have the time to think of a good social media marketing strategy, it’s best to have an agency take care of that for you. With our Boston social media marketing agency, we take pride in the amount of skill and effort we put towards each client’s strategy.

Every single one of our clients who takes advantage of our social media marketing gets a custom strategy included within our packages. This means figuring out who their buyers are, who they want to market towards, what platforms best suit their brand, and much more. The GoingClear team isn’t just marketers, but also strategists that can take the lead building the perfect custom strategy for your company or business.

5.) Automation Tools

Social media marketing can be done without any automation tools, but these third party sites will make your life that much easier – and they’re totally worth every penny!  Depending on what type of tool you go with and what subscription plan you end up picking, your social media marketing efforts can be reduced to half the time you would’ve put into it without any digital help.

Most agencies, including GoingClear, utilize many marketing tools, including Hubspot. It’s a great place to keep your marketing strategies and efforts stored in one, centralized, synchronized, and accessible place. When you partner with GoingClear, your Boston social media marketing agency, we keep track of all your social media posts within a custom account made just for you in our Hubspot so you don’t have to worry about that additional cost. 

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