3 Things that Actually Make a Website Great

February 16, 2016 in Digital Marketing

You Deserve a Great Website. Here’s What You Need.

Great Website

Every business owner or executive wants a great website… but what exactly makes a website great in the first place? This is an important question to ask and one that you should give some thought to before you sign on the dotted line and pay a deposit to your web design firm.


Although a lot of people associate “great websites” with “great graphics,” the reality is a bit more complex. To show you why, here are 3 things that make a web presence truly stand out:


1. Usability


No one cares how great your website is to look at if it’s a pain to use. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses (and their web design teams) forget this and create websites that aren’t intuitive, that are difficult to navigate, and that make it difficult to get from one topic or idea to another. Usability is what keeps searchers, visitors, and customers coming back, so don’t overlook it.


2. Customization


If your website looks like every other website in your industry, then it’s not going to help you separate yourself from your competitors, is it? These days, it’s incredibly easy to take a template, make a few changes, and put it online. That might be fast and inexpensive, but it’s essentially the opposite of strong branding and won’t help you to grow your company.


3. A Positive ROI


This point should be pretty clear: If your website doesn’t help you make more money than it costs, it’s not really accomplishing anything. We would even take things one step further and say that your website should be outperforming other similar websites. If it isn’t, then it represents a series of missed opportunities.


Great aesthetics on a website are important, but usability, customization, and a positive return on investment are the things that ultimately help your business grow.


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