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Whether you have a complex website with a lot of data or a simple portfolio of your projects or a catalog system with your products listed or an interactive geographic map, with advanced search and filters as a website feature, we can make the interactivity of your data a bit more engaging and easy to interact with. Documenting and confirming the different search filters and features that you want is one step, then after that with our UX team, we work on the presentation of what specific types of filters and features navigation will there be. From a slider where you might want to change the view of a budget range or radio buttons where you might need a simple yes or no type view or creative multi-click color changing button, we will assist with displaying your data in a clear user-friendly way where your website visitors can use your website features and filters to refine their selection allow them to get right to the product or piece of data or listing that they intend to view.

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