SEO Audit

An Official Inspection of Your Internet Marketing

Boosting your website’s ranking and related pages is essential. If your business is not coming up on the first page of Google’s search engine results for relevant search queries, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your prospects. Studies have shown that the first result on a search yields around 33% of the clicks, with the second position getting approximately 15% of the share and 9% going to the third result, with steeper drop-offs after number five. At minimum, 75% of the clicks go to the first page results.

Achieving top search requires a solid SEO strategy. The GoingClear team will ensure your website is configured for maximum search visibility. We will help you promote your content with onsite technical optimization and inbound linking strategies. The overall effect is a campaign that gets stronger and more profitable over time, with a large share of your inbound sales opportunities originating from search queries. We have you covered when it comes to SEO.

Want to see how your current website ranks?  Use our SEO Report card to obtain your exact website score. Contact us if you need help earning a perfect score and driving more relevant traffic to your site.