Persona Development

Determining Your Users Character

Imagine if you love football but hate golf. Would you be interested in a set of golf clubs? Likely not. The same applies to the principles of UX/UI. To make your website work effectively, you need to figure out who your user is in the first place so you can move them through your sales funnel and appreciate your creative marketing content. You need to develop a story about this person, what is called a user persona. Thorough user personas will likely include a list of likes and dislikes, demographic information and habits. More general user personas, such as “Stay-at-Home Dads” can still be useful in figuring out pain points and to create a website that is seamlessly matched.

We can help you with persona development that yields critical information about the end user so UX/UI can be more effectively incorporated into your website. Persona development information can be about how and why your users access your website, what they are looking for, and what pain points you should be looking to solve. A “working mom” persona, for example, might not have much time on her hands so speed and content that speaks to this pain point will likely be very successful. We can help with persona development by facilitating interviews and surveys with users or by using existing data. Successful persona development can sharpen your brand image and is a critical tool in ensuring success.