Offline Advertising

When you think of offline advertising, you might think of billboards, TV, Radio and or even newspapers and that is generally an accurate statement. However, don’t forget that with Internet connected TV’s, DVD players and radio, the word “offline” could slowly disconnect from the phrase Offline Advertising. When you think of print advertising in a newspaper or magazine, QR codes can come to mind for tracking the success of a campaign. At this moment, Apple’s iOS 11 now has the QR code scanner as part of their default camera app. When considering offline advertising efforts and or some would say more traditional advertising, you have to understand what your marketing & sales funnel looks like where you can leverage offline advertising for more top of funnel or top of mind brand awareness which could be supportive of your digital initiatives helping move your brand users down your funnel to a close. Get in touch with us here at GCI to see how we can evaluate your brand strategy and potentially leverage offline advertising to support your business goals.