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Marketing Strategy Prescribed

G3 Strategy

A Clear Marketing Strategy and its Contribution to Pipeline

G3™ Strategy Intro

Introducing G3™ Strategy: Unleashing Marketing’s Clear Contribution to Pipeline

GoingClear’s G3™ Strategy service, a powerhouse solution, is anchored in contributing deals to your pipeline through digital marketing strategies & tactics for the B2B companies that we work with. Our goal as your strategic marketing partner is to work together to build that predictable growth muscle for your company through marketing.

Our G3™ focus is based on our three G’s which involve getting the right eyes of your prospective buyers to your digital channels and then giving them the proper knowledge they need to make their best buying decision while converting them into leads and then ultimately growing your pipeline to win more deals & secure more revenue for your business.

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Sounds simple, right?

Even for us, simple isn’t the word. It takes the right approach, proper time and focus to deliver something that is going to work well. Every client has their own past marketing stories and campaigns which we uncover, but through a proven process and functional marketing framework that we follow, we do make a clear and measurable difference while also helping to avoid the abyss of ineffective marketing decisions.

Delivering marketing services to B2B companies and more since 2001, as well as having a top-tier team that cares and has the expertise to deliver, GoingClear is positioned to deliver successful digital marketing strategies for their clients. What truly sets us apart is having a clear process to execute our G3™ Strategy service which clarifies which campaigns to run, what marketing based activities related to revenue should happen and when, and the digital buyer’s journey mapped out so that it can be measured & optimized to win your digital game.

At its core, our methodology centers around the three essential “M’s. First, we fine-tune your messaging, ensuring it resonates tightly with your target buyers, capturing their attention, and demonstrating how your business solves their problems. Next, we leverage the right mechanisms to push your messages out across digital channels to maximize reach and impact. Finally, with the right message and mechanisms in place, we move into measurement and optimization to alway be optimizing the two to three marketing campaigns and strategies that are running per quarter with a goal of beating forecasted KPIs.

The most common challenge we see B2B companies face when they aren’t seeing their digital marketing work is typically a lack of clear marketing direction or strategy as well as the lack of the right team or expertise that is in place to try to drive them forward. Without the right team that cares or expertise, progress can stall. It’s not always a matter of capability but rather the absence of a well-defined marketing process or framework. In other cases, underperformance can be attributed to a previous outsourced team’s inadequate commitment to delivering marketing as a service. The employees of a company usually do care deeply and are laser focused on wanting to work and leverage marketing to win.

Unlock the potential of your digital marketing initiatives with G3™ Strategy. Together, we’ll dive in, lean on alignment, expertise and dedication to finally win your marketing game in a clear and process driven way.

G3™ Methodology Visual

Visually, take a look at our G3™ Strategy as a service where we are getting the right eyes, then giving the proper knowledge to convert and finally growing the pipeline to win more deals. This is anchored in the 3 M’s of getting the right message of your offering then using different mechanisms to push out messaging and finally always measuring and optimizing marketing campaigns.

How does G3™ Strategy work?

Step 1 – FIRST 30 DAYS:
Intensive Deep Dive and Build
The first 30 days are intensive where a deep dive audit and functional marketing systems map are reviewed, developed and optimized with a focus on building out a predictable marketing model that will power your business. The functional marketing systems map outlines your visitor-to-prospect-to-lead-to-pipeline process – sometimes referred as lead to cash.  In addition, your KPI Scorecard and Priority of Marketing Campaigns are explored, evaluated and prioritized. “Fast cash” campaigns are introduced for faster revenue generating activities, UTM naming conventions are defined for consistency and Customer Profiles (ICPs) & personas are aligned. GoingClear also delivers a marketing-lens website audit & improvements list while also developing a clear roadmap to drive a pipeline that turns into more revenue. Finally, we assemble the right marketing team members to work through the areas of optimization that are needed whether leveraging GoingClear’s G3 Tactical or other resources.

Step 2 – DAY 30:
Half-Day Marketing Strategy Power Session
With the intensive groundwork of the first 30 days complete, it’s time to elevate your marketing strategy and propel your planning forward. Our half-day power session and marketing strategy presentation is not only enlightening but also a critical milestone on the path to building out a more predictable growth model for your business through marketing. This dynamic session sets the course for your marketing game, refines your mix, fine-tunes your calendar, and can lay the foundation for a clear step forward towards your company’s future marketing efforts.

Step 3 – DAY 30 to 90:
Execution of 2 to 3 Impactful Marketing Campaigns
The next 60 days is where it all comes together. Accountability and management is locked in, daily, weekly and monthly sessions are set and the prioritized marketing campaigns are now in motion. Executive level KPIs are confirmed, meticulously set up and continuously monitored. Yes, more metrics are being tracked, but for the CEO or company team members that are holding us accountable to move the needle, we are working hard on delivering and surpassing those KPIs that truly matter most to your marketing, predictable growth and revenue success.

Experience the Power of G3 Strategy’s first 90 days!
This strategic partnership is designed for marketing to support your company’s goals with a focus on ultimately growing your pipeline and revenue!

Is my company a good fit for GoingClear’s G3™ Strategy service?

If you are a CEO, CFO, COO, CRO or marketing professional of a B2B tech or services company with annual revenues exceeding $1 million, and you’re seeking a strategic marketing partner to develop and manage and or execute your marketing strategies, then GoingClear’s G3™ Strategy is going to be a great alignment to deliver. Our G3 Strategy service works specifically with companies like yours, empowering you to achieve marketing excellence. While our primary focus is on serving B2B technology or services companies, we are also equipped to work with businesses from various industries that generally have a longer sales cycle.

*For companies with revenues under $1 million, we offer a Starter plan, which provides a streamlined approach to advance your marketing strategy.

Consider the following to prequalify your company and determine if GoingClear is the right fit:

  1. Are you currently overseeing a marketing team rather than functioning as the CEO or related role? We can step in to supplement your team’s expertise and provide strategic guidance to drive your marketing efforts forward.
  2. Do you find yourself unsure about which marketing campaigns to execute and in what order of priority? GoingClear’s team will work closely with you to identify the most impactful campaigns that align with your goals to ensure we are being effective and efficient with the power of marketing.
  3. Have you yet to map out your customer journey or establish clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? We excel in creating comprehensive functional marketing systems maps and developing meaningful KPIs that help you measure and track the success of your marketing initiatives.
  4. Is predictable growth from marketing non-existent within your organization? Fear not. Our expertise lies in making sure marketing is clearly contributing to your company’s pipeline so that sales can convert more into revenue.

If any of these resonate with your current situation, it’s time for us to connect and explore how GoingClear can drive your marketing forward. Let’s schedule a conversation to discuss your current situation and how we can optimize the power of marketing for your company. Together, we’ll navigate the path to marketing success –  staying aligned to your company and revenue goals as well as backing you by a team that cares and has been delivering since 2001.

Why is a marketing strategy important?

A clear marketing strategy is critical for the success of any company for several reasons: 

  1. Clear direction: A well-defined marketing strategy provides a clear direction and purpose for the marketing team and is aligned with your sales efforts & revenue goals. It also helps companies identify their target audience, set specific goals, and determine the best ways to reach and engage with their customers and prospects.
  2. Competitive advantage: In a competitive market, a strong marketing strategy can give you a competitive edge. It allows you to differentiate your products or services from those of your competitors, highlight your unique value proposition, and position your brand in a favorable light in the minds of consumers to help win and convert more digital leads.
  3. Customer insight: A successful marketing strategy involves researching and understanding each one of your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and personas. You should be tailoring your marketing messages and tactics to effectively reach and resonate with them by gaining insights into their needs, preferences, and behaviors. This understanding enables you to create more relevant and compelling marketing campaigns that are more likely to drive customer engagement and loyalty.
  4. Resource optimization: A well-crafted marketing strategy helps you allocate your resources effectively. It enables you to prioritize marketing initiatives based on their potential impact and return on investment. By focusing your efforts on the most promising opportunities, you can optimize your marketing budget and avoid wasting resources on ineffective tactics that haven’t served your sales teams yet. In addition, having a dedicated strategic marketing partner, it can allow the CEO to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives since G3™ Strategy as a service can handle marketing efforts.
  5. Consistency and clarity: A marketing strategy provides a framework for consistent and clarified messaging across various marketing channels and platforms. It ensures that your brand’s identity, values, and communication style are maintained consistently, reinforcing your brand image and building authority and trust with your audience to help them choose you when it comes to the lower parts of your marketing & sales funnel.
  6. Agile: The market landscape is constantly evolving, and an aligned marketing and sales strategy helps you stay flexible. By regularly evaluating and analyzing the results of your marketing efforts broken into sprints, and monthly and quarterly meetings, you can identify areas for improvement, make necessary adjustments, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. This agility allows you to stay ahead of the competition and respond effectively to changing market dynamics.

Maybe you already knew most of this and or the importance of clear marketing, but in the end, a marketing strategy serves as a roadmap for your company, guiding your budgeting decisions, helping you connect with your target audience, and ultimately contributing to your company’s pipeline to drive revenue growth all the way from the initial lead to cash in the bank. It ensures that your marketing efforts are focused, effective, and aligned with your overall business strategy & objectives.

Benefits of Augmenting your Team with GoingClear:

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires a strategic and results-driven approach to marketing to drive growth. As a team of in-house marketing professionals and seasoned former VPs of marketing at B2B technology, service and software companies with years of marketing experience, we understand the challenges and complexities that businesses face when navigating the ever-evolving marketing landscape. That’s why we’re excited to dive into your business and align via our G3™ Strategy service —a solution designed to augment your team and accelerate your path to success via marketing.

Here are the key benefits of leveraging our G3™ Strategy service:

  1. Strategy Expertise: With our experience and in-depth knowledge of both marketing and digital, we bring both a strategic and tactical mindset to the conversation. We work closely with your existing team to align initiatives with your overarching business objectives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful strategy that drives pipeline growth through marketing.
  2. Flexibility: Our G3™ Strategy service offers the agility and flexibility your business needs. Whether you require part-time support or project-based guidance, we can tailor our engagement to your specific requirements. This ensures cost-effective access to strategic marketing without the commitment of a full-time resource.
  3. Fresh Perspectives within the B2B zone: Our diverse industry experience within B2B tech & services and in-house and extended team allow us to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your marketing game. We analyze market trends, identify untapped opportunities, and provide insights that will optimize your marketing strategy.
  4. Team Empowerment: By augmenting your team with our G3™ Strategy service, we empower your existing marketing team to excel. We provide mentorship, training, and guidance, helping your team members develop their skills and potential. Together, we like to develop a culture of continuous learning and growth where appropriate.
  5. Specialized Expertise: As an external but integrated resource dedicated to your success, we offer specialized expertise in key areas such as digital marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, lead generation, CRM automation, brand strategy, web development, product marketing and digital website optimization. Leveraging our deep understanding of these domains, we implement best practices and leverage the latest industry trends to drive effective marketing campaigns.
  6. Scalability and Cost Efficiency: With our G3™ Strategy service, you gain access to a high-caliber marketing team at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. As your business evolves and your marketing needs grow, our flexible engagement model allows for seamless scalability, ensuring optimal resource allocation.
  7. Measurable Results: We are laser-focused on driving tangible and measurable results. Through clear performance tracking, regular reporting, and data-driven insights, we ensure transparency and accountability. Together, we set and exceed key performance indicators that are most important to contribute to pipeline growth which ultimately will grow revenue.

Our G3™ Strategy service combines the best of marketing and digital expertise to provide a comprehensive and clear approach to your marketing strategy. By augmenting your team with our G3 strategy service, you gain a strategic marketing partner that cares and is committed to your success, empowers your team, and drives clear results. 

Let’s chat about this journey together to power up your strategic marketing game!

What do you get with GoingClear’s G3 Strategy?

The outcome and end-result of what you get from working with GoingClear through our G3 Strategy as a Service is predictable growth acceleration from digital marketing.

What’s that mean? Well first, to make sure the right person is reading this, we want to make sure you are an ambitious business owner, COO, head of HR, CRO or other related title that knows marketing could be doing more for your business. If you want to develop a winning marketing strategy and execute on that strategy to generate predictable growth in your business, then you are in the right place. Even if you’ve tried dozens of campaign ideas before and or had many marketing campaign flops, or not sure what your next marketing campaign should be, or feeling like your competitors are eating your market share when their offering is not as great as yours, or worst feel like they are running big campaigns which means their profit must be bigger leaving to question your own marketing strategies?   

The real problem behind ineffective marketing is not having a proven marketing framework

G3 Strategy as a Service will give you:

  1. B2B Marketing Strategist with 22+ years industry experience aligned with you to carry you through your first 90 days together in delivering the G3 Strategy. 
  2. First 30 days of the intensive marketing setup, planning and framework to get you to day 30.
  3. After 30 days, presentation of your  marketing strategy via a half-day session. 
  4. Functional Marketing Systems Map developed (logic of your marketing funnel and website conversion points & associated automation).
  5. KPI Scorecard setup and customized for your business to manage, monitor and optimize your most important metrics.
  6. Priority of Marketing Campaigns hub setup and prioritized to show exactly which marketing campaigns you should be running along with the success criteria for each.
  7. Quick Wins & Fast Cash Marketing Campaigns identified and running.
  8. Buyer Persona & ICPs alignment.
  9. Positioning Protocol.
  10. Bucket Survey to find consistent customer pain and insight.
  11. Marketing org chart documented.
  12. Marketing team skills matrix documented.
  13. A working CLV – Customer Lifetime Value Defined.
  14. Campaign Opportunity Filter setup and running to determine next in line for execution.
  15. Past Marketing Campaigns snapshot analyzed & documented.
  16.  Marketing budget reviewed and documented.
  17. Product/Offer Understanding.
  18. Competition due diligence discovery and documentation.
  19. Website Audit with a focus on driving conversions – documenting current and advising on the optimized marketing website to convert more, better and tighter.
  20. 2-90-2 documented. 2-Year, 90-Day, 2 week sprint setup documented and put in motion.
  21. Weekly planning meetings with daily standups to keep things moving.
  22. Predictable growth as a result of  marketing’s contribution to pipeline and a clear digital marketing strategy to get you there.

And if you had to summarize the 20 points above into one simple answer of what you’ll get as a result of working with GoingClear via our G3 Strategy = Marketing Clarity & Predictable Growth via Marketing.

Are there other ways to accelerate my marketing efforts?

First, we are glad you made it this far down the page. Next, the answer is yes and we’d be happy to help!  With GoingClear’s G3™ Strategy service, we provide marketing strategy, direction, management and delivery of strategic deliverables. What pairs extremely well with our G3™ Strategy is our G3™ Tactical service. 

Our G3™ Tactical service combined with our G3™ Strategy service is a powerhouse marketing move to push your marketing efforts forward in a clear, tight and efficient way allowing GoingClear to focus on your marketing outcomes desired both strategically via G3™ Strategy and tactically via G3™ Tactical. 

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