Discovery & Planning

Learning About Your Challenges & Looking Ahead

The discovery and planning process is the essential first phase of our partnership. It enables us to establish clarity around your goals and helps us define your needs, challenges and desired results. Clarity about mission is important. Our company name is based on the concept and it is one of our organization’s core values being a clarity-first digital agency.

During discovery at GoingClear, we take you through a guided six-step process. We discuss and define your organizational goals, review your competitors, analyze your data, audit your current marketing assets, conduct a top-level SEO analysis and define benchmarks and KPIs. During this phase, we do a lot of listening. We are also experts at asking the right questions to uncover real opportunities. In addition, when it’s not a full initial discovery phase you need, you can leverage our in-house talent for discovery and planning services for isolated projects as well.

The more we can learn about your company’s trajectory, past and present, the better we will be at planning your future.