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Paid Search or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a model of digital advertising in which advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked. Besides organic search or SEO, PPC is the other main channel within Search to attract and convert website visitors & leads via hyper-targeted ads. GoingClear can help you tailor a targeted PPC strategy and execution plan that syncs with the KPIs that are important to your marketing & advertising goals. From keyword research and campaign structure to ad copy and creative, we have your goals in mind at all points. During the ongoing monthly management, we are living within your account, sometimes even every day, and tactically optimizing a number of elements to support the overall campaign strategy that has been set whether it is maximizing clicks, keeping cost per conversion as low as possible or maximizing your ROAS.

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Nurture more with Retargeting

Target Users Based on Previous Online Actions

Out of sight is usually out of mind for most buyers. But retargeting flips that equation on its head. Getting customers to convert is not always easy but retargeting helps keep your business top of mind for the ones most receptive to your message. Retargeting is based on your customer’s previous online interactions and can help you figure out just who would be likely to buy. A buyer researching software for example, might be more open to scheduling a demo about the software a few days later when they have more time to continue and can be captured through retargeting.

Our retargeting campaigns are especially good at capturing traffic that wandered away and reroutes those prospective buyers back to your website guiding them down your funnel into hopefully a SQL status or at the least one level further down your marketing & sales funnel.

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