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About Us

Looking for a specialized Boston PPC company? GoingClear Interactive is a productive, efficient, digital growth company that you can trust. We’ve been around for almost 20 years, satisfying each one of our clients to the fullest. We power growth within each one of our clients, as well. Depending on your digital needs, we create a customized plan to fully execute your goals on a timely basis. We are here to help with your short term or long term goals and achieve the success you need in order to grow your business. With us as your partner, we can take your PPC account to the next level.

With our expertise, you can trust us with your account. Not only are we confident in our line of work, but we’re equipped with years of knowledge on the PPC platform. Once you help us identify your goals and challenges, we can start moving forward towards success. GoingClear will do all the hard work while you sit back and watch consistent performance increases come your way.

At GoingClear Interactive, we can help you tailor a strong digital marketing plan to attract just the right customers. We then devise ads and campaigns that include both search engines and social media portals to draw these customers in through your sales funnel. We also help to continuously refine your PPC campaigns and regularly run analytics that shows precisely which ones are getting the results you need and which might need tweaking. This means the most efficient spend for your PPC dollars.

Search engine marketing (also known as SEM) is a great platform to advertise your company on. Of course, PPC is only one of the ways you can do that and that’s what we specialize in. Our team of experts know how to plan and execute any campaign you want. When it comes to PPC, we commit all our time to every aspect you could imagine. This includes auditing your account to align with your goals, creating a game plan, executing campaigns, and reporting back on the results. We also have the ability to design and create landing pages dedicated to a specific campaign, too. It may seem like a lot of work for a simple task, but we’re passionate and committed to our line of work. We want to make sure you’re in love with your account as much as we are.

Google Partner Badge

As a local Boston PPC company and proud Google Partner, we specialize mainly in Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords). No matter your clientele as an operating business, we can cater to B2B and B2C audiences. Before we take on your account, we like to investigate your historical and present data within it. We offer an audit for a low, one time fee. Within this audit, you can expect to tell us more about your company’s goals, success stories, pain points, and much more. This helps us gauge what type of approach we should take going forward.

As your Boston PPC company, please fill out one of our forms to learn more about our audits. You might also enjoy reading more about our audits online before contacting us. You could benefit from one our audits today – visit our Custom PPC Audits for Your Business blog post to find out how you can take advantage of one now. 

As a local Boston PPC company, we’ve also worked with many clients in the area. We are able to create personalized schedules to go over specific requests or just a quick update in general. Although we’re located in the city, we aren’t tied down to the area. We work remotely with clients all around the United States. Whether you’re here or in California, we succeed in making the most out of your time. 

If you don’t know too much about the PPC platform to begin with, we’re here to help with any questions or concerns. No matter how complicated or simple your inquiry may be, we’re here to give you the answers you need to hear.  We’re happy to jump on a phone call or send you an email with some informational details that could help you decide what’s best for you and your company. GoingClear Interactive is all about going forward with you as a partner while staying clear and transparent the whole way along. That’s why we’re here to be your Boston PPC company. To learn more about PPC and what it has to offer you and your brand, follow us here to our What Is PPC? 7 Things You Should Know blog post. You might also be curious about the similarities and differences between Paid Search and Organic Search. If you want to brush up your knowledge on both to see what’s a better fit for you, follow us over to that blog post, 5 Differences You Need To Know About Paid Search Vs. Organic Search.

What We Offer

GoingClear Interactive, your Boston PPC company, is very committed to making sure you and your company achieve its goals. We extend many services within our PPC department. Some of these offers include account creations, account restructures, and account audits. Once we figure out what your priorities are, GoingClear is here to make those matters our greatest importance.

Account Creations

If you’re just starting out on the Google Ads platform and aren’t sure of where to start, your Boston PPC company can help! We’re here to start reaching success along your side from the very beginning. Our PPC team can help come up with an approach to create the basics of your account. We just need to know some essentials: What is your company’s purpose? What are your company’s goals? What are you personally looking to achieve by running Google Ad campaigns?

From here, we can get a hold of what we need to do in order to define your company’s purpose. The more knowledge we gain, the more we can grow your PPC campaigns overtime. 

Account Restructures

Did you create your business’s Google Ads account from scratch? Are you currently letting another digital marketing agency manage your campaigns? Either or, GoingClear can take over your current account. We’ve seen some messy accounts, so no account is too big of a restructure for us. Restructures are a great way to compare your historical success or failure with the results from your newly organized account.

Depending on whether your company’s goals have changed or you want to align your account with different requirements, let us deal with what you might consider somewhat of a headache. After we figure out what direction you want to head in regarding your account, we can start to restructure it for the better. 

Account Audits

GoingClear Interactive, your Boston PPC company, is proud to offer an audit of your account. Sometimes you may already have a Google Ads account running, but you’re stuck in a rut. Are you not sure what else you can do to optimize? Has performance decreased? Do you want expert advice to get back on track with your account? We perform audits for all these types of reasons.

We can lend a hand by taking a deeper dive into your campaigns to see how we can improve certain areas. Within Google Ads, we’re able to go back and look at historical data, as well as what you are currently implementing. Some areas we like to look at include landing pages, budget, targeting settings, extensions, match types, and keywords (both currently running and negative keywords). 

Each one of these sections are vital to running a successful campaign. Without one or the other optimized to it’s best ability, you won’t see top performance. That’s why we like to perform audits. When we send back the results of your account audit, you can either implement our recommendations yourself or have us become a management partner along the way. We can execute our proposal and keep you up to date on a monthly basis going forward. 

We also offer assistance or full management in strategies, designs, and reporting. When it comes to strategy, GoingClear Interactive wants the best for your company. We’re passionate about what we deliver, so anything you receive from us will be personalized and aligned with your goals and requirements. 

Do you want to learn more about our auditing process? Follow us to our detailed blog post, Custom PPC Audits for Your Company to brush up on our auditing services.


We can deliver a strategy for a campaign within a few business days. Whether you’re trying to promote a certain product or service, we will put all our effort into making sure it is a success the first time around. Strategy also includes coming up with a plan that best fits what you want for your account. Do you want full time management of your campaigns? Or are you just looking for a quick game plan to get the ball rolling on something you want to promote? Whatever the circumstance may be, give us the power to deliver you success.

Strategy also includes knowing who your average customer is. At GoingClear Interactive, we specialize in creating buyer personas. Buyer personas are basically a fictional representation of what your normal customer looks like. Through a series of questions we’ll ask you and your internal team at your company, we can grasp who exactly you’re selling to and create these characters to help us aim your pay per click ads towards their intent.  Once we can target these specific people even further, they will be even more likely to make a purchase or request your service once they reach your landing page.

To learn more about strategy revolving around PPC, follow us over to our blog post, PPC Strategies – Our Company’s Approach.


Once an account is created, GoingClear wants to partner with you to make sure the design of your account aligns with your products or services. Design can be the way an ad is worded and executed or it can be the construction of a Display Ad. At our Boston PPC company, we want to make sure the advertisements we create accurately represent and reflect your business. Not only that, but we want to make sure they deliver the success you want to receive. You can gauge how GoingClear Interactive utilizes specific account designs with our detailed blog post, PPC Design & Why It’s Important To Your Business.

Another type of design we have a passionate team dedicated to is web design. When you create a PPC campaign, you need to have the perfect landing page that people are going to stay on and hopefully convert.  Our web design team can create beautiful landing pages that show off your products or services precisely.  GoingClear has the ability to change the average web surfer into a customer for life. That’s why we want to be your partner – we can show you the road to success.  


Reporting is another strategy we can customize to your liking. We consider this a strategy because most other PPC companies use the same template for all their clients. At GoingClear Interactive, we are able to send out custom reports on a schedule that works well with you and your company. Not only are we just sending data over, but we’re also here to analyze that data and give feedback. We will include an analysis on all high level information within your report. From here, we can jump on a call or communicate via Basecamp next steps. We are also able to include a recommendation section that allows us to communicate any pros or cons we saw during the month. From here, we like to either keep implementing changes we saw successful, or redirect our focus on creating better tactics to see further success. Curious about more reporting strategies we like to use with our clients? Follow us to our blog post, 7 Essentials for PPC Reporting, to learn more.

The GoingClear Approach

By having GoingClear Interactive, a local Boston PPC company, as your partner in digital success, you’ll see many positive changes throughout your account. We do things a little differently than your average PPC company – we’re actually here every step of the way. GoingClear wants to see your success. We want to bring in leads for you and watch your company prosper. In order to do so, we will approach your account with carefulness and never carelessness. Most companies are looking to make a quick buck on a client, but we know how valuable marketing can be for a company, big or small.

PPC Management & Optimization Process


PPC Planning & Strategy Tied to KPIs

Granting Access to Google Ads Account, Content Planning & Scheduling


Developing Key Ad Content for Structured Account & Target Results

Daily Campaign Monitoring, Optimizing & Reactive Content


Generating a Custom Monthly PPC Report with Analysis

Reviewing Recommendations for Future Optimizations Based on Target Goals & Executing Those Proposed Items


Our Boston PPC company wants to start off by analyzing you, your company, your industry, and your goals. Without any background knowledge, it can be a challenge to build that foundation with you. We usually start off with a kickoff meeting. This can either be in person or via a conference. Here, we’re able to build a strong, personal relationship with you and build the foundation of your account right the first time around.

Once we learn more about your industry and what goals you are trying to target in the long run, we can start building our advertising strategy around that. This can include any budgeting constrictions you may be facing, business goals you set in stone to accomplish by the end of the quarter, or even getting rid of a challenging pain point that you can’t seem to shake. Whatever the circumstances are, GoingClear Interactive can help you find success.


We know any industry has competition. Even if you’re a small local company, you can be beat out by the big box companies within seconds. At GoingClear, we also monitor your competitors. What we mean by this is we are able to see who is bidding on the same terms as you and what percentage share they have on the web compared to you. If you are being outranked to a competitor, we can make adjustments quickly to save you on the search engine results page.

Another approach is creating a whole new campaign that focuses just on your competitors. After all, they are bidding on some of your keywords, why can’t we? By creating a competitor campaign, we can increase their prices, as well as show up the SERP for terms that might lead to a conversion for your company. Competitor campaigns are a great way to compete on the search engine results page and change a user’s mind to becoming a loyal customer to you rather than your competitors.


At GoingClear Interactive, we don’t have a minimum or maximum budget amount you need to spend. We want you to feel comfortable working within your range so we keep a simple approach when it comes to budgeting. We also like to be up front and honest when it comes to expectations. Within the Google Ads platform, we’re able to use historical data from the whole Google search engine to determine what your budget can make you in return. For example, let’s say you only want to spend $3,000 on a few campaigns. We have the ability to give you an estimate on how many clicks and impressions you may receive vs. how many people may convert on your site. Our detailed blog post, 7 Things You Need To Know About PPC Advertising Costs, can teach you everything you need to know about your PPC budget. 

Creating A Schedule

As a Boston PPC company, we also like to take another type of approach. We want to work around your schedule. Nothing is more frustrating than setting up a conference call and having to cancel or reschedule because it doesn’t align with your daily plan. At GoingClear Interactive, we’re very flexible and treat our clients like family. If you want to talk weekly, biweekly, or monthly, we can make that happen. We also integrate communication via Basecamp so everything is written down in a safe place. It’s also easier to refer back to projects compared to scanning through emails looking for one specific item. 

Besides creating a schedule between us, we also put a spin on this approach. We concentrate on creating a schedule within your account, as well. By this, we are able to stay organized and on track of your business goals. Within your PPC account, we check on certain metrics either daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Most check ins are daily, but for less important KPIs (key performance indicators) we manage our time efficiently by monitoring those weekly. 

If you have a certain weak spot or perhaps maybe even strong suit within the account, we will monitor these and send updates through the month to keep you within the streamline. We like taking this approach because sometimes waiting for a monthly report can be a drag. To keep you in the loop, an occasional email or check in will be sent to you throughout the month. We love keeping our clients just as updated as we are when we’re in control of your account. 

Come Visit In Person!

Being a local Boston PPC company, we’re located right here in the city. If you are in the neighborhood or happen to operate a business nearby, please stop in! We’re always excited to meet clients in person and make your experience with us more engaging compared to other agencies.

Get Value for Your Company

GoingClear Interactive wants to partner with you so we can bring you success. You and your company may define success in different terms compared to others in your industry, but we want to be the Boston PPC company that sets you apart from your competition. 


We define value a few different ways. Value means getting the most out of your dollar. No matter what budget you have, whether it be $500 or $50,000, GoingClear Interactive is here to be efficient with your spend. Not only do we use digital tools to help us get the most out of your budget, but our specialists are pros in defining success for different industries. We have worked with many different types of clients with interesting requirements. Budgeting is the main concern here. We value your dollars just as much as you do. You can trust GoingClear Interactive with making your Google Ads account efficient, prosperous, and beneficial for your company. To find out more about how you can become prosperous while being efficient, follow us to our blog post, 7 Things You Need To Know About PPC Advertising Costs.


We also value effectiveness. As a Boston PPC company we want to see the effects of our hard work pay off.  If we see a challenge we might be facing from the very beginning of your audit or whether a pain point arises in your account months in, we step in immediately to gain back the effectiveness of your PPC account. 

You might be facing the challenge of not getting enough leads month over month or year over year. We understand you have deadlines to meet. That’s why at GoingClear, our PPC efforts can translate into success. There are different types of KPIs we can focus on depending on what goals you are aiming to meet. 

Our Boston PPC company values effectiveness. Other PPC companies might just be spending your dollars to make money at the end of the day without checking in to make sure the account is being effective. At GoingClear Interactive, we’re passionate about the hours we put into your account. We love to see results but most importantly, we love sharing those results with you. 


We also value your personal goals and key performance indicators. No matter your goals, we will achieve them through PPC here at GoingClear Interactive. 

Through the Google Ads platform, there are many ways you can define success. Some of the basic KPIs are impressions, clicks, CTR (click through rate), CPC (cost per click), conversions, CPA (cost per acquisition), and conversion rate. These all measure success a little differently. Impressions, clicks and CTR all let you know about your awareness on the web and traffic to your site. If you’re just starting off your company, these can be a great way to measure success. These metrics are letting you know that your PPC ads are reaching the right audience. CPC let’s you know how much you’re spending on average for a click. If you’re on a budget, this can help determine where we want to spend your money when it comes to selecting the right keywords. Conversions, CPA, and conversion rate all help determine who is taking action on your site versus who is not. 

We’ve seen trends within certain industries. Depending on what type of company you manage or work for, certain KPIs can definitely help measure success. We value what you’re KPIs are because without these standards, we wouldn’t be able to do our PPC jobs to the fullest. 

Your Industry

We specialize in any type of industry or background you might come from. GoingClear Interactive, your Boston PPC company, values how different you might be from the rest of the competition. PPC can be a great way to express your company and its industry background on the Google platform. We want users searching the web to come across you. 

We’ve worked with many different types of clients, ranging from cyber security to insurance to restaurants. There isn’t one challenge we’re not willing to take on. As your local Boston PPC company, we value your company just as much as you do. 


We also value communication. Unlike other PPC agencies, we don’t just throw together a report that came from a template at the end of the month. We personally value how we communicate our information and date to you. 

We always ask our clients in the beginning how they prefer to be communicated with. At GoingClear Interactive, we don’t have a standard communication policy. If you prefer emails, phone calls, or in person meetings, we’re there for all of them with you. 

We will send you a report at the end of the month that we customize and generate just for you company and its needs, wants, or requirements. We also add in our own analyses and recommendations to show you how far along we’ve come throughout the month. 

Sometimes waiting for the full month to be over to receive a report can be a drag though. If you need your data faster, we also send out weekly notifications to check in with you. Like we said, we value your company and want to make the most out of it for you. That’s why we constantly feel the need to communicate our strategies, implementations, and thoughts with you.

Benefits of Using Paid Search

With GoingClear Interactive as your Boston PPC company, we partner with you to bring digital success. We’ve run PPC campaigns successfully and seen the benefits of it in so many different ways. A more detailed approach to PPC benefits can be found here, through our blog post, The 8 Key Benefits of PPC.

Reach A Broad Audience

Unlike other traditional types of advertising, paid per click on Google Ads puts your ads in front of so many different people. The people you show in front of aren’t just a normal audience either. At GoingClear Interactive, we customize your PPC account to make sure you are showing in front of the most qualified audience searching the web. What this means is that we have the power to control the types of audiences you show to. Not only to keywords matter when it comes to a search on the web, but we can narrow it down further to what your average customer looks like. Within the Google Ads platform, we can change around your targeting settings to specific genders, age ranges, salary incomes, locations, and many more demographics. 

We also have the ability to create Display ads. Display ads show on the Display Network. The Display Network is made up of millions of websites. GoingClear can design your creative work and have your image ad show on hundreds of thousands of websites that your average customer may be browsing. 

Goal Setting

Within the platform, you can choose as many goals as you want. We just want to know, as a Boston PPC company, how does your company define success? GoingClear Interactive can grow your business on the PPC platform right before your eyes when we align with your goal settings.

With certain goals set in stone, such as getting higher quality leads, an increase in phone calls or form fills, or even an increase in ROI, our Boston PPC company can get you there. Google Ads and the PPC platform in general is a great place to advertise and get your company to where it needs to be quickly. 

By establishing your goals early on, our experts can work around the clock to ensure you have the most efficient and growing business you always wanted. If you aren’t sure of your goals or they are constantly changing, our PPC agency can establish new goals for you. We specialize in many different types of industries and know how to establish goals based on your company and its clients. Our recommendations between PPC and your goal settings can help lead you in a better direction.

How Much?

Google Ads is a great platform to use if you want to monitor your spending. If you’re on a tight budget, GoingClear is an expert on money managing. We monitor spend throughout the day to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

The average CPC (cost per click) ranges from $1 to about $7. This may seem too broad of a range for you. Luckily, GoingClear Interactive has a digital tool that can let you know how much, on average, you will be spending per click. Within the Google Ads platform, there is a tool that allows us to use historical and present data to see what keywords are spending on the web as we speak. It’s a great way to learn your costs before even running any campaigns.

Another benefit of Google Ads that most people overlook is you only pay for clicks. If your ad shows up and nobody clicks on it, you don’t get charged. Basically, you only pay for when you get a click.  At GoingClear Interactive, we make sure that all your clicks are the most qualified. What we mean by this is that we set up your account in accordance with your target audience. Knowing that we have the searcher’s intent in mind, your clicks are more qualified to lead to customers rather than someone bouncing off your site because they’re not really interested in your product or service. 

To learn more about Google Ads benefits, you can visit our 8 Key Benefits of PPC blog post.

GoingClear Interactive Benefits

By having us as your digital partner in success, we’ll bring you the results you want to see. We stay engaged with our clients and just like you, we love to see success. GoingClear Interactive specializes in every aspect of PPC, from keyword research to managing budgets to creating brand new strategies. No matter how big or complex your challenges may be, we face these situations daily. Let GoingClear Interactive be your Boston PPC company going forward.

We also have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively when it comes to your account. GoingClear Interactive is proud to be your partner in digital success, which is why we take pride in every aspect of PPC. We are passionate about our work and this will be something that is brought to your attention daily. 

Our Boston PPC company knows how to keep our clients happy and have a bright outlook on their PPC success. We are faced with so many challenges that we overcome together. As a PPC team, we all work together in order to reach the achievements you want to see as a company.

PPC Campaign Optimization

As your Boston PPC company, we focus primarily on getting you in front of the right audience to bring in the most qualified leads we can. In order to run successful campaigns on Google Ads, GoingClear Interactive implements optimizations on a daily basis. Some of these optimization actions include monitoring CPC (cost per click), extensions progress, campaign efficiency checks, and targeting settings.

CPC Monitoring

By keeping a close eye on CPCs, our Boston PPC company can gauge certain trends that are constantly changing on the search engine results page. You may notice that the average CPC ranges from $1 to $7, but sometimes you can see a spike in price. GoingClear Interactive monitors these changes to make sure we are still bidding on the most appropriate and beneficial keywords. Within Google Ads platform, we are able to see who else is bidding on certain keywords and why prices might have been adjusted accordingly. This optimization method helps us keeps costs down while keeping performance up. 

Extensions Progress

Extensions are a huge part of any PPC ad. Without these you wouldn’t get as many clicks as you could be getting. We make sure extensions are running at all times. Some extensions include click to call phone numbers, structured snippets, call outs, and site links. 

All these types of extensions add “real estate” to your original text ad.  By beefing it up, we are able to take up more space on the search engine results page while giving your audience more a reason to click on your ad. With extensions, a potential customer has more options to click on your ad. 

We also monitor all of their performances. These optimizations can help keep your ads neat and organized, while bringing in more clicks and traffic to your site. 

Campaign Efficiency

By monitoring campaign efficiency, we can optimize towards more successful campaigns. We make sure your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads are organized and are running at their maximum performance. 

If we notice certain campaigns that are failing to meet our expectations, we dive in deeper to make sure all settings are accurately configured. Sometimes minor adjustments are needed, which is why we monitor campaign efficiency on a daily basis.


By accurately targeting the right locations and audiences, we can make sure your account is fully optimized. Depending on where your company or business is located out of and who you are selling to, we base our geographical targeting around that. Sometimes certain locations perform better than others, so we optimize towards those top selling locations. Our Boston PPC company can set bid adjustments to make sure we are showing to the locations where people are more likely to lead to a conversion.

On the other hand, we also monitor low performing locations and optimize those, as well. We try to figure out why certain areas aren’t converting and adjust settings accordingly.

PPC Case Studies

GoingClear Interactive has helped many clients achieve digital success in PPC by partnering with us. We’ve faced many challenges and have over them all. When it comes to PPC, a lot of our clients want to focus on specific goals for their campaigns. As their digital success partner, we are able to align our hard work with their requirements to achieve an outcome that exceeds their expectations. We help clients grow through pay per click ads, bringing in more qualified leads into your marketing and sales funnel than other forms of advertising. If you want to read more about our PPC case studies, you can visit our results for more information or go right to a cybersecurity PPC case study.  


PPC Packages

GoingClear Interactive offers 3 different PPC package types – The Starter, Essential, and Plus. Within each package, we offer different benefits.

The Starter package gives you all the basics of PPC with text ads. This includes ongoing management of your account, such as keyword research, daily budgeting, extensions set-up, and daily optimization recommendations. The Starter package also includes a monthly report that we send out to you via email. This report can be customized to your liking; if you prefer one dashboard over another, let us know so we can personally create it for you. 

The Essentials package includes everything that the Starter pack does, but also incorporates the use of Display ads alongside text ads. Display ads allow you to show on the Display Network on Google.  By having this benefit of the Essentials package, you can reach even more of a qualified audience, bringing in more leads month over month. The Essentials package also includes monthly reporting that can be shared via email. We also offer conference calls to incorporate more details about your account as well as any recommendations we want to utilize going into the new month. 

The Plus package is great for companies or businesses that are bigger than average or companies of any size that simply want to acquire more prospects and leads into their marketing and  sales funnel through digital advertising. This package includes everything the Essentials package does but also incorporates remarketing alongside text ads and Display ads. Remarketing is the perfect way to get back a person who was on your website, but did not take an action and instead exited out. GoingClear is able to target these people, as they showed interest in your site but weren’t ready to take the next step. By using remarketing, we are able to follow them around and show on websites or even a mobile app to try and bring them back to convert. Remarketing is very effective, as these users are most likely in the middle to bottom of the sales funnel. The Plus package also includes monthly reporting as well as a conference call to discuss any information or data in further detail. 

All packages include 24/7 access to all reports and dashboards. We also include standard features in each one of packages, including campaign monitoring, targeting settings, extension creation and monitoring, keyword research, mobile ad campaigns, daily budget set-ups and maintenance, and daily or weekly optimizations. No matter which package you end up choosing, the benefits are very favorable and to be taken advantage of. 

Depending on how much you spend on your PPC account monthly, we charge a flat fee or a percentage of your monthly spend. If you want an item that is included in another package, such as Display ads or remarketing, we charge an additional monthly fee to keep that maintained and optimized in your account. New campaigns that are added within your account are also an additional one time fee unless you are enrolled in the Plus package.

We also suggest running a PPC audit when you want us to take over your current PPC account. Through this audit, GoingClear will gain a full understanding of your current account.  We can recognize what your pain points and strong points are, what areas of your account you want to improve, what you value within your account, and much more. To learn more about how we perform our successful PPC audit, you can visit our Custom PPC Audits for Your Company blog post. If you want to request an audit for your account, fill out our form on this page.

To learn more about our packages and pricing, please fill out the form on this page.

Next Steps

When you partner with our Boston PPC company, your campaigns will see success. Whether you are just starting fresh with a brand new account build or are coming to us with an account already in progress, GoingClear Interactive will lead the way to a more favorable outcome for your business.

Our PPC auditing services can help you determine where your struggles are and where your strong suits are. Once you complete one of our audit questionnaires, our team will analyze your responses to assure we step in the right direction right off the bat. Learn more about our auditing process through our Custom PPC Audits for Your Company blog post.

If you’re not sure which direction you want to head with your PPC account, we can take a look at your options and make recommendations that will accommodate your needs. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us.

Talk to a PPC Specialist from GoingClear Today.