Brand & Identity

Building a brand strategy involves defining the components of your company’s character - your brand tells people about your company DNA. Today, branding goes well beyond designing a creative logo or choosing your color palette. Great branding communicates what your company stands for and sets you apart from the competition. It tells your story in an authentic voice so your customers fall in love you and show their support through sales and referrals. Great branding clarifies your business mission, vision and organizational goals.

Brand Audit

Analyzing Your Brand

A brand audit examines all touch points through which your brand connects with the world. Before your business can prepare an effective marketing strategy, you must first understand where your brand is currently positioned and how customers and the market perceive it. You need to know how you compare to the competition. Every organization reviews their financials, why wouldn’t you do the same for your brand – your company’s most important asset?

Your GoingClear brand audit establishes the strength of your brand and how you compare to the competition. A brand audit includes a comprehensive review of your internal and external branding including: voice, brand values, culture, product, logo, website, marketing collateral, PR, content marketing, advertising and social media.

Logo & Visual Identity

Designing Your Brand Image

We help companies establish or reinvigorate their brand. Our creative team works to gain deep insight about what makes your company unique. We learn about your company’s personality, products or services, and your audience. Drawing on that understanding, we create visual brand identities that inspire awe and tell your brand story.

Brand Guidelines

Establishing the Brand Path

Great branding can make you stand out from the competition and get instantly recognized. GoingClear will help you define and polish your mission, core values, brand personality, your unique positioning and brand voice. We can also make the visual elements of your brand identity shine: logo design, typography for your marketing materials, color palette, website design, product packaging design, marketing collateral, business cards and more.

Developing a strong and memorable brand starts with using consistent visuals and content across marketing platforms. Once your branding strategy and visual identity is in place, our creative team can develop your brand guidelines to ensure uniformity. We will create a custom branding guidelines document for your company that outlines all the rules for your brand. These include the not only the look and feel of visuals but also content guidelines such as style and tone for your brand voice. It is the collection of brand elements that you portray to your consumer and business community. Your brand guidelines will specify how to correctly use your voice and tone to ensure your design and content are in alignment with brand strategy and identity moving forward.

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