Property for Cash Company

Managed PPC Search Advertising Campaign

Property for Cash Company

Boston based investor led property buying services with cash. This company with a growing reputation for getting deals done buys residential property for cash. Through different marketing channels and approaches, they acquire leads for their services to then nurture through to a close. This can be a quick transaction business since funds are ready on hand to purchase these properties.

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How We Helped

What we did here at GoingClear Interactive is work with this company on a tightly run managed PPC paid search advertising services with Google AdWords. Through geotargeting and optimized tactics for getting the right results in the right place for prospective viewers, we work together on continually optimizing their campaign and landing page elements. In addition, A/B testing of landing pages served helpful in fine-tuning PPC spend even further.

Services We Provided

  • Strategy.
  • Creative.
  • Development.
  • Marketing.
  • Management.
  • Government.