Why Boston Marketers Create Logos That Speak To Your Brand

November 02, 2020 in Digital Marketing

Whether you’re just getting started as a business owner, or revisiting your branding in order to strengthen your market positioning, there are few things more crucial to the future success of your business than your company logo. As a culture, we put a lot of value in the words we use to describe and name ourselves, but we’re also heavily reliant upon symbolism and ultimately consumers will reduce your brand down to your company’s logo. 

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Your business’s logo is at the heart of it a symbolic shorthand for everything you stand for as a brand – your mission, your vision, your core principles, and values, it’s all there wrapped up in the image that you and your graphic designer have decided upon. Think about some of the most influential and impactful brands operating in today’s economic landscape, those that have withstood and weathered current conditions and continue to convey their brands’ missions without any other supporting material to back them up. Once you’ve tweaked and twisted your logo into shape and crafted it into a powerful avatar and brand ambassador, there’s only one thing left to do: put it to work for you and let it silently handle the heavy lifting for your brand

Follow along with us today as the GoingClear Interactive team explores the power of an effective logo, how to ensure it supports your branding and the avenues where you can deploy your logo for the most impact. Our goal is to educate and enlighten small to medium businesses in how the cornerstone of your brand can also be a powerful messaging tool when leveraged across multiple platforms and mediums. 

Ensuring Your Logo Supports Your Business’s Branding

Before you start splashing your logo across every screen and website you can lay your hands upon, it’s important to first ensure your logo is well designed and matches your brand, your mission, and encapsulates your values effectively. This requires you and your graphic designer to take into account three important factors:


  • The Right Shade for Your Industry – A well-trained graphic designer knows that certain colors evoke certain emotions and feelings, and certain colors also pair best with certain industries. Do your research and make sure that the colors you use in your logo work for your industry. Most importantly, though, ensure that the design also works in black and white and greyscale.
  • Go Big, Go Small, and Every Size In Between – Test out your logo to ensure it works at various sizes both large and small. It should be able to be read, recognized, and understood at a glance no matter if it’s on a billboard or on a button on a website.
  • Keep It Simple, Keep It Creative, and Keep It Original – You’re going to have to work with your designer and do a lot of industry research on this one, but ultimately, simple and clean designs that take a creative approach to your branding are more likely to be memorable than complex and complicated branding. 

Where Should Your Logo Be Featured?

Now that we’ve ensured your logo tells the story that you need it to visually, it’s time to put it to work for you. In the next sections, we’re going to explain how to most effectively deploy your logo across a number of platforms and mediums. 

Websites and Blogs

If your logo is the cornerstone of your brand, then your website and accompanying blog could be considered the digital equivalent to your lobby and waiting area. Designed to welcome visitors to your brand, complete with a virtual waiting area where they have a good amount of reading material, your website is the perfect platform to introduce customers to your branding and logo. Utilize a professional design firm to create your website so that it’s easy to navigate and represents your brand’s products and services. Integrate a blog where the content supports your mission and services and educates visitors. Through your marketing firm, create an inbound marketing campaign to drive traffic from outside channels back to your website to targeted landing pages – and incorporate your logo and business identity into the website, blog, and across all sites involved in the inbound marketing campaign, ensuring the widest exposure of your logo along these channels as possible.  

Social Media Profiles and Search Engine Profiles Platforms

Continuing the visualization of your online presence as various virtual properties, social media profiles and search engines are satellite offices spread across the world with both global visibility and featured in the local community. People are constantly looking to support local brands and businesses, and they prefer businesses with a community attached so they both validate their own experiences with your brand and talk to others who have had experience with your brand as well. Creating free profiles and directory listings ensures that you’ve claimed and control your online real estate. It makes good business sense to incorporate your logo into your profiles as organic traffic to your brand will then direct them back to your website and inbound conversion funnels. 

Business Card

Think about business cards as small billboards leading back to your website that you can leave literally anywhere – even directly in the hands of potential clients. Simple and professional business cards that highlight your brand and have clear and easy to read instructions on how to reach your company directly.  

Promotional Presentations and Merchandise At Trade Shows and Events

There will be opportunities to attend trade shows, conventions, and events in the capacity of a presenter or featured business. It’s great business sense to have branded merchandise and booth material including signage and banners ready for such events and to always have a branded presentation deck waiting in the wings on the chance you’re invited to speak at an industry event.  

Letters, Emails, Invoices, and Other Official Documents

Every piece of official communication you send out to clients, potential clients, peers, vendors, or any other form of communication should include your logo in some capacity. You want people with whom you communicate to associate your branding with your name and there’s no better way to condition that association than to ensure they never see one without the other in an official capacity. 

GoingClear Interactive Wants To Put Your Logo to Work for You

As a Boston-based digital advertising agency, GoingClear Interactive understands how important it is to stand out in a competitive economic landscape. There’s no better way to do that than to build an effective brand around a solid company logo and then to put that logo to work for you across your digital footprint and other platforms where customers can’t help but see it often enough to automatically associate your logo with your business. To learn more about the marketing assistance we can provide your branding efforts, reach out to the GoingClear team today for a consultation. 

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