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January 26, 2016 in Digital Marketing

eBook: 21 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Web Design Company



We have very exciting news here at GoingClear Interactive!  We’re proud to be able to share with you our new complimentary eBook 21 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Web Design Company. In this short but information packed eBook, you’ll learn about what makes web design companies different than one another, tips on what you need to know to get a great website and how all of this can help you find more customers online.  Plus, if you’ve been toying with the idea of updating your website or even launching your first website, this guide can help you know the do’s and don’ts before you hire a firm.


Boston Web Design eBookTo give you an idea of what our new eBook will cover, here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the first point in the eBook:

#1 Location Does Matter


It might be tempting to choose a web design company that’s half a world away – based on cost alone – but that would be a mistake. For one thing, choosing an overseas design company means they’re always going to be slower to respond to your questions and requests. More importantly, you need a web design partner who can understand what you do and what your customers want.


Location does matter when it comes to choosing a web design company. If at all possible, choose a partner that’s in the same city, or at least the same region, so you can get fast, personal service…


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